Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Biogra Trading Ltd has operations over 20 different countries to source and distribute feedgrade products, wastes feedstocks & biofuels to the oleochemical, feed and energy sectors.

We offer a wide range of commodities in order to meet specific market and customer demand, with a particular focus on logistics and financing.

Our growing team combines professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds & experiences, allowing us a maximum of flexibility and adaptability to customers needs.

Biogra Trading is a reliable physical trading company with the aim to establish long-term relationships with its partners based on respect, reciprocal trust and high ethical standards by proposing efficient and tailor-made solutions.

More recently opening a moroccan entity in order to have a presence on the ground where we source some of our products.


Biogra Trading Ltd recognised the importance of responsible sourcing and supply practices. We are committed to assist in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working environment.


Products We Trade

Thanks to its wide presence, deep market knowledge and logistics experience, Biogra Trading developed procurement operations to become your favorite reliable long term partner.

UCO - Used Cooking Oil

ISCC certified. For biodiesel production. Typical specs but not limited to...

FFA 5%
MIU 2%
Sulphur 40-65 PPM
IV 45 min

HVO - Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

Biodisel production. Typical specs but not limited to...

Density at 15℃ 775 -795 kg/m3
Flash point >58℃
Viscosity at 20℃ 1-8mm 2/s
Condensation point <20℃
Cold Filter Pluggin Point (CFPP) < 20℃
50% Recovered at 300℃
90% Recovered at 355℃
95% Recovered at 365℃
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester < 2%(v/v)
Total Aromatics content < 10%(m/m)
Sulphur < 10mg/kg
Carbon Residue < 0.3%(m/m)
Ash Content < 0.1% (m/m)
Water Content < 200 mg/kg
Oxidation stability max 1 mg/100ml

Animal Fats

ISCC Certified. Feed Food or biodiesel production. Typical specs but not limited to...

FFA 3-15%
Impurities & volatile matter 0.5 max
Moisture 1% max
FFA 15-35%
Impurities & volatile matter 0.5 max
Moisture 1% max

Fish Oil

Pharmaceutical - Pet food Feed ingredients. Typical Specs but not limited to...

Low Acidity  
FFA 0 - 15% max
Impurities & humidity 3.5%
EPA + DHA 30% min
High Acidity  
FFA >15%
EPA + DHA 30% min
Anisidine >100

Fatty Acids & Acid Oils

Technical or Feed Grade. Typical specs but not limited to...

Fatty Acids  
FFA min 40%
MIU Max 3%
Phosphor content 0.3% max
Waxes 0.4% max
Water 1.5% max
Acid Oils  
FFA 50%min
MIU 4% max
Water 2% max
Volatile constituent to 105℃ 2% max
Insoluble impurities 0.5% max
PH > 4.5
Saponification 175-200MgKOH/g
Unsaponification 2g/kg max
Density at 20℃ 0.910 - 0.920
Iodine Value 70
Esters 50%
Triglycerides 3-4


Feed food pharmaceuticals. The major components of commercial soybean-derived lecithin are:

Soybean Oil 33-35%
Inositol phosphatides 20-21%
Phosphatidylcholine 19-21%
Phosphatidylethanolamine 8-20%
Other phosphatides 5-11%
Free Carbohydrates 5%
Sterols 2-5%
Moisture 1%

Countries of Operations

EU (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, UK), Chile, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Argentina, China, South Korea, Mauritania, Pakistan, Kuwait and Malaysia.